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Kevin Tang asked 10 months ago

I had a coach tell me he thinks I should go with a slower blade for more consistency. I’m around USATT 1400. Is that the right move for me? Whenever I used slower blades I always felt like I could never win the point. But with a fast blade I do feel like my shots can range from being amazing some days to missing the table all the time the next day. Wondering what’s your philosophy around this. Should I be trying to master my faster blade or trying to perfect my technique with something slower?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hey Kevin, equipment is a very individual thing and everyone is different and likes different things. So I would say do what’s comfortable for you because what is good for one player another player might not like. I would agree that having a blade which isn’t to fast helps develop shots though and be more consistent. You can learn to hit harder with these blades as well, I guess for you it’s finding the balance of a balde which has enough control but is also fast enough to hit your strong shots so somewhere in between the 2.

Dan 🙂

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