The 25 rule

So what is the 25 rule? Well it’s something we like to use when working with players to get them improving their consistency in a more pressured situation than most training exercises and also start to also build confidence and stability in the basics of the game, which is something we all want to achieve after all!

What is it exactly?

In one of our most recently released videos we look at a training method/exercise you can use to improve consistency and control in your game in a pressured situation. In this exercise, “The 25 Rule”, you work through several of the fundamental and key shots, so forehand and backhand drive, forehand and backhand topspin, pushes and open ups. The goal is to reach 25 in a row without a mistake in each of these shots, this means you have to work at a controlled pace and focus on consistency so mistakes are reduced. If you make a mistake in any of the shots, you start again from zero until you can reach 25, this adds a pressured element to the exercise as you now have the fear of missing exactly like the feeling some players get in match play!


Our suggestions

So we suggest starting with forehand and backhand drives followed by pushes then move onto topspin shots and finish with open ups on either side. Throughout each shot you can take turns with your partner at trying to reach 25 in a row and starting to become comfortable with this level of consistency. With the open ups, we suggest the player who is attempting to reach 25 should serve, the opponent pushes back, you play the open up and then the returning player catches the ball and then repeat. This means you aren’t wasting time on continuing the rally and you just focus on getting the shot in question more consistent.



You may find yourself being quite “safe” and careful with your shots when you start doing this drill in order to try to reach 25 in a row, especially when you get to 20 or above and really don’t want to make a mistake and start again! However as you improve we want to encourage players to increase the difficulty by going for higher quality shots and maintaining the level of consistency, so for example playing at a quicker tempo when doing the drives or going for more depth and speed on the pushes but still aiming to reach 25. This drill adds a challenge element to your table tennis training and also keeps it fun, so give this a try and watch how the 25 rule helps your consistency!

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