A fantastic forehand counter topspin drill

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Now with the new plastic ball in table tennis, the dynamics of the game have shifted and there is reduced spin, which means it’s vital to be comfortable with counter topspin strokes as this type of shot occurs more frequently. By having solid counter attacking strokes it also means you won’t be forced into a passive blocking game too many times and be able to take charge of more rallies. This drill is a fantastic way to help develop your forehand counter topspin, it takes the shot back to its simplest form and focuses on getting the key technical points right to improve this shot. We also look at how to progress the drill and bring the forehand counter topspin into more match type situations.

In this video we cover:

-Key technical elements to the counter topspin
-What to avoid when playing this shot in table tennis
-The timing point
-Drill demonstrations with important tips