Become harder to beat

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When learning how to play table tennis and developing as a player the focus can often be on the technical elements and getting the strokes correct which of course is important. Another aspect that is key to learning and improving your table tennis however is how you approach your game mentally and areas you can work on that are separate from the technique and strokes.

One of these topics in our table tennis coaching that often crops up is the question “How can I become harder to beat?”, all the best sports teams or individuals in the world find a way to win when they aren’t playing their best. So many times over the years during our coaching with various players we have seen players making unnecessary mistakes, trying too hard to win the points or simply say they are playing badly. This video looks at a vital table tennis lesson and coaching tips which you can use to become harder to beat, even when you feel like you’re not playing your best. Dan and Tom give insights into what the professionals do in their training on the table tennis table and off as well as some strategies you can use in your match play to make you a tougher competitor and harder to beat!

In this video we cover:

-Tips and tactics
-Become harder to beat
-The mental approach
-Cutting out unforced errors