Table Tennis Analogies

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In this video we look at table tennis analogies that can help you learn and understand aspects of the game faster. Analogies are a great way to improve your understanding of skills as they make it easier to relate to and gives you a picture in your mind. We use them a lot in our coaching and find it helps players grasp shots and techniques more clearly in their mind, so here we list a number of analogies and explain them so you can use them in your training.

Differences in returning side/topspin or side/backspin serves: This video looks at the specific differences in returning sidespin/backspin and sidespin/topspin serves. We recently got asked to create a video on this by an Academy member as they found this difficult, we wanted to make a clear instructional video so you can learn to adapt quickly to serves with different spin on them to avoid mistakes.

In this video we include:

– How to adapt to side/backspin or side/topspin
– What to look out for
– Shot selection