What people are saying about the Par Gerell Serving Masterclass!

Hey guys, around a week ago now we released our new serving masterclass alongside professional player Par Gerell, he’s known as one of the best servers in the game and it was a delight to have him on board to share his secrets to the world! This course is action packed and includes 16 in depth videos to take your serves to the nest level.

Here’s what users have had to say so far:

Arnon: “I’ve been coveting Par’s amazing serves for years. They are unique, devastatingly deceptive and highly effective. So when Par Gerell Serving Masterclass was available, I bought it without second thought. And I was not disappointed. The serves are explained and shown by Par himself, packed with valuable information you would not be able to obtain just by watching videos. I particularly love the serving session which Dan and Tom learned to serve while Par offered comments on the side. Dan and Tom also asked questions I would ask Par myself. All in All, this masterclass is great and I’m sure Par Gerell’s serves will elevate my game to a new level. Highly recommended!”

Ryan: “Thanks for the new serving video course guys! The detail in here is great. You are really showing a lot more than the average YouTube video. Grip detail, mechanics of the body through the serve, what’s important in learning the serve and what to expect after doing the serve types. Most serve videos just focus on the ball, bat and spin type. I reckon you should keep going with this structure”



“I am always looking to improve myself especially regarding serves; when I saw this course I was immediately interested. what I liked is the different modules which allows to understand the important points. The interventions of Dan and Tom are also very useful because they allow you to see it from the point of view of a good player and not a only a champion. Per is also an excellent teacher and these tips will also be very useful. Congratulations to you three for this excellent video course, thank you again and see you soon for new courses!” -Eric


The unique service grip to serve like Par Gerell
Mastering the action to the serve
How to do the topspin serve with Par Gerell
How to produce a heavy backspin serve with Par Gerell
How to make your serves deceptive with Par Gerell
How to do the Kicker serve with Par Gerell
How to take advantage of a good serve/weak return
Effective Serve training with Par Gerell
6 week serve programme with Par Gerell

The Par Gerell Serving Masterclass is a one off payment, which means you will have access to the videos for life. So, if you want to get point winning serves and add a new dynamic element to your game, then join Par, Dan and Tom at the table and unlock winning strategies! Click here to find out more

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