Active blocking, and why you need to master it!

Being able to block the ball is of course a vital skill when having to control topspin attacks, and doing this on the move is not always easy, especially when you have no idea where your opponent will play the ball. That is where active blocking comes into play.In many of our training exercise videos we look at situations where you’re on the attack and practising either your movement, technique or switching. However there will also be times in matches when you will be under pressure when the opponent gets the first strong attack in the point so it’s vital to not neglect this side of the game when training.

Why Do I Need Active Blocking?

So many players practice their opening attacks, topspin shots as well as their serve and returns but fail to practice a situation that can make or break your match results, and that is how you deal with your opponents attacks. Having the control to keep the ball in play when under pressure can be the difference between winning a close game and getting blown off the table. There are a few key points to blocking well and also active blocking which is moving and adjusting around the court and being able to block from different positions.

What to focus on?

Being low, on your toes and with your weight forward will cut out some errors by stopping you getting off balance and out of position. Also focusing on not allowing your bat to drop after blocking the ball, especially when switching between backhand and forehand blocks. This will mean you save time and also have your bat in a much more ideal position to close the bat angle and control incoming topspin. Active blocking effectively will improve your control and all round game play dramatically, in our video on the training exercise section we go into detail on some fantastic drills to improve your active blocking and the key areas to ensure you add control and safety to your game. Being able to block on the move and into specific placements on the table is key to handling situations when your on the back foot. Sometimes you have to stay in the point and wait for your opportunity to move your opponent out of position or play a counter attack and this is where active blocking plays a key role. You can watch the Active blocking video by clicking here!

Training Drills on the Academy!

On the academy we have a dedicated section which includes videos on training exercises and drills that will help you improve your strokes and other elements of your game. Coaches Dan and Tom demonstrate and explain modern training exercises and drills relevant for all levels of player, these include regular, irregular and serve and receive drills. Training effectively will help you improve and progress quicker and give you the confidence to use your strokes with more confidence in match play, this section gives you the tools to do this as well as innovative exercises and tips. Visit the training exercise section to view our range of videos…..

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