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DirtyDev asked 1 month ago

<!–more–Forehand topspin (practicing alone)>
Hey guys, I’m having trouble deciding how to improve my forehand stroke. It seems I get so much advice (some contradictory) from well meaning folks but now I feel like I’m focusing on a million things. Would u be so kind to take a look at one of my training sessions and see what you can see? Thanks for the amazing online coaching!!!

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DirtyDev answered 1 month ago
replied 1 month ago

There is some backhand shots at the start of the video link. Please ignore or analyze that too.

TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hey! Yes it can be tricky when getting advice on who to trust and what is actually the correct information. I’ll have a look and give you some key points to focus on and improve 🙂

The link you wanted to send of you playing seems to be the wrong one here. So if you could post it again I’ll get back to you.

Cheers, Tom

replied 1 month ago

Hey Tom, thanks for the reply. This video is the only one I have at the moment but will make another soon. Hopefully this link works:

replied 1 month ago

Or try this one:

TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

That’s great the 2nd link worked. Glad you are enjoying the Academy as well!

So the first thing I would say that will really help you improve straight away is to slow down the feed from the robot, right now each ball is coming very quickly one after the other and it’s making you rush each shot. If you slow this down it will help you focus on your technique.

Your forehand basics aren’t bad at all, the arm movement and snap through with the elbow looks good. But right now the shot is mostly being generated from the arm, if you can engage your body and legs more this will make a big difference to the quality. So think about the body rotation and weight transfer leading the arm and not the other way around. Also if you can get lower in your legs and bend your knees more, you’ll be able to transfer your energy from the ground much better. This means you can then play with a more relaxed arm as well.

So yeah slow down the balls coming at you and really focus on these parts in each individual shot and I’ve got no doubt you’ll see improvements. Also maybe have a watch of our video’s on the Academy of weight transfer and spin over speed. Hope that helps and any questions just let me know 🙂

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