Video Preview- April Release

Hey guys!

Dan and Tom here, we recently released our new videos for April and have a quick video preview of our latest content for you, including these videos:

–Dealing with fast surprise serves
–The perfect timing for the counter topspin
–Swedish feeling exercise
–The use of the wrist on the forehand push


Why did we release these videos?

Almost everybody in table tennis has been caught out by a fast surprise serve at some point. Some people also find these difficult to deal with on a regular basis, so we wanted to create this video on how to best deal with these long fast surprise serves. We’ll show examples of what to avoid when returning these types of serves and give our main coaching points to making less mistakes and being more confident at playing a quality return when receiving a fast surprise serve. We also show you what clues to look for in order to spot a fast serve coming quicker and give yourself more time to deal with it.

Counter topspin shots have become a key part of modern table tennis over the last few years and our new video will look at how to get the correct timing point on both backhand and forehand counter topspin’s. Timing when playing your counter topspin’s is a huge element to being consistent and solid, it can be hard to know when the best timing point for each type of ball is, so we make it simple and easy to understand and allow you to master the timing point and reduce your mistakes.

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