Video Preview- January release

Hey guys!

Dan and Tom here- As you probably know we add 4 new coaching tutorial videos to the Academy every month and we wanted to give you some insight into our latest content, this January we have a new style of video out, a technical analysis of a player that Dan works with! This video looks at the importance of a good body position when playing and the impact it can have on your strokes, we analyse the players technique and look at how an improved body position will help him become more efficient and his shots more solid as well as comparing his body position and stroke to Dan’s.

This month’s videos:

What is multi-ball and how it can benefit you
How to feed multi-ball
Player analysis- The correct body position
Recovering well after serving

Here’s a sneak peak at our latest videos released on the Academy!

This month we also have some detailed videos focused on multi-ball including how to feed it well. Multi-ball is a fantastic way to work on specific areas of your game and isolate particular shots you want to improve, we do a lot of demonstrations here at the Academy using multi-ball and we wanted to discuss and demonstrate why it is beneficial to use in your training and to feed it well.

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