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Often here at the TableTennisDaily Academy we emphasise the importance of spin and control in your strokes, although there are times when you are in a position to play a stronger more powerful ball. If you find your strongest shots still don’t seem to put your opponent under pressure or you can’t play that strong killer topspin and finish the points, there are some key elements that may be holding you back from unlocking all your power.

Body rotation as well as the use of your legs and torso in your shots will help you achieve maximum power. Many players we’ve seen trying to generate power and hit the ball harder tend to over use the arm and shoulder which uses a huge amount of unnecessary energy as well as even risking injury. Ideally to get more power you need to be using your torso and core muscles more, you will be able to keep a more relaxed swing which also enables a quicker recovery. To make the most of this principle think about your body and stomach muscles helping you twist as you strike and meet the ball in front of you.

This also links to weight transfer which is often neglected by players when trying to play with more power. Weight transfer is effectively using your body weight and legs to give you more leverage and dynamic explosion in your shots. For right handed players transferring your weight from our right leg to left as you twist forward, obviously visa versa for left handed players.

The final key element to hitting with more power is removing tension from your upper body, naturally many players when trying to hit a stronger shot tense up which limits the acceleration that can be achieved. Focus on having a relaxed upper body and forearm meaning you can generate the whipping action and accelerate quicker through the ball on contact.

Now these may all sound like quite simple elements, but the secret to improving your power is getting them all working together in a fluid and relaxed stroke. So remember these tips and make sure to practice them to unlock your power!

Check out our latest video on the Academy that looks at how to weight transfer effectively here.

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