Video Preview- November release

Hey guys!

Dan and Tom here, we recently released our new videos for November on the Academy and have a quick video preview of our latest content for you, including these videos:

–Energy store and release
–Keeping the feet active
–Dealing with fast aggressive pushes to backhand
–Footwork recovery after serving

Why did we release these videos?

Keeping your feet active and ready to move between shots is vital to being able to make those small adjustments in match play when the ball placement is random. If you are too flat footed after each shot it is much more difficult to transition quickly and be ready for the next ball and get into the correct position. When you watch professional players they are always active with their feet, even if the ball placement is only slightly different they are on the balls of their feet and making those tiny adjustments to be balanced and in position for the next shot.

Deep, fast and low pushes into the backhand can be hard to deal with and play an effective open up shot. Many players get forced into a mistake against these types of pushes or end up pushing the ball back which gives the initiative in the rally to the opponent. We look at the key tips to playing a good quality open up on the backhand from these tricky fast push returns and how to avoid getting caught out by them.

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