TTD Team Knockout Tournament 2020!

Hey guys!

We know it’s been a strange and difficult year for everyone and we’ve all missed having table tennis events, training and the great social interaction the sport brings. You may have been following the TableTennisDaily Team and their video series over the last year or so, competing in the National league in the UK, well now on the TableTennisDaily YouTube channel you can watch the massive knockout singles tournament between all the players, who battle it out to be the TTD team champion of 2020! Both Academy coaches Dan and Tom compete in the event, so it’s a good chance to see them both in action!

Our aim in this video series is to increase the popularity of the sport by showcasing good quality table tennis combined with some humour and the camaraderie that being in a team brings. We want to show our passion for the sport and how enjoyable it is, but also how it can bring people together, drive you to improve, learn new ideas and improve your game.

Catch up on the series

If you want to catch up on the other episodes in this TTD team video series and watch the team compete in the national league before the pandemic put most events on hold. you can visit the playlist here.

What can you take away?

Watching table tennis can be a great way to help you improve, by watching other players in match situations you can take away elements of their game that they execute very well to build into yours, or perhaps even spot similar mistakes that you make yourself and begin to understand how to correct them. At the Academy we have a large section on tactical videos to help you improve your match play tactics, decision making and get better results!

Here at TableTennisDaily Academy we have over 100 coaching videos covering technical, tactical and psychological aspects as well as in depth technical analysis & fitness sections. As a member of the TableTennisDaily Academy you’ll also have full access to our “coach corner” which gives you the ability to ask questions that professional coaches Dan and Tom will answer. Whatever your questions, get swift and reliable coaching feedback you can trust right at your fingertips. You can even post videos of yourself in action for Dan and Tom to analyse, they will provide specific advice to help you take your game to the next level! So what are you waiting for, access your free trial today!

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