Why you should learn to feed multiball

Having multiball fed to you by an experienced feeder is a very effective tool when learning how to play table tennis. However, there are loads of benefits to the feeder as well. Below are 4 reasons that feeding multiball can benefit you as a player.

      1) Timing

When doing a standard multiball feed you need to drop (not bounce) the ball and hit when the ball reaches the peak of its bounce. This can mimic the timing that is needed when playing counter and topspin strokes in open play. Feeding a backspin ball well requires you to drop the ball close to the table and hit under the ball very close to the bounce. This timing is the same in open play. Once you get proficient at feeding multiball, striking the ball at the correct timing will be automatic. Having this coordination and timing will directly translate into your normal play.

      2) Watching your opponent

It’s common for coaches and players to say “watch the ball”. Although this is only part of the picture. You should have a broader focus and be watching the opposing player as much as you are watching the ball. This is where there is a big difference in novice and advanced multiball feeders. Novices look at the ball and how they are striking the ball. Advanced feeders look at the player and where their shots are going. As you improve at feeding multiball you will find that you no longer need to watch your bat striking the ball and instead you can concentrate more on your placement and whether you need to slow down or speed up depending on the player’s position.

      3) Creating spin and feeling

Feeding multiball will help you develop a good contact on the ball. A feed with good spin will make the practice more realistic for the player. Repeating the brushing action on the ball will help you make this an automatic part of your game.

      4) Others will feed for you

Feeding multiball well is a skill not many players possess. This could make you an ideal practice partner for better players. The other player gets the benefit of a good multiball session and you get to practice with a better player which can raise your game significantly.

One more thing to add is that feeding multiball is a skill that will need to be worked on. However, just like your normal game, it will improve with practice. For some tips on how to feed multiball, check our video here.

So, don’t give up and reap the benefits of learning how to feed multiball.

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