5 Things We Wish We Knew when Starting Out

We have learnt so much since we started playing table tennis. We’ve made many mistakes, but we’re better for them now and more equipped to help you as a result of overcoming our own struggles. We want to give you our top 5 tips you can do to avoid the same mistakes and make the most of your training.

1. It takes time

There are no shortcuts in table tennis. It takes time to develop the optimal movement patterns, transitions, skills, techniques, and speed. It can, however, not seem that way at the start. In the beginning you may make some large improvements fairly quickly but this doesn’t last long. To make a long lasting change in your game it takes time. Month by month you will improve one small step at a time. If you are consistent and committed with your training then you will make improvements. It may take longer than you expect but it will be worth it.

2. It’s not all about speed

Speed and power, it may be exciting and it may get you a few points but you’ll win far more by focusing on other areas of your game first. Playing with control, generating spin. Playing table tennis well can be an art. Cut out the mistakes by holding off the speed a little bit. Balancing control with pace, spin with placement. So before you go all in trying to hit some backhand bombs like the TTD Teams Pocket Rocket make the gains in other areas first.

3. Stick to the basics

The basics will never not be necessary and you will need to constantly revisit them if you are going to make long term improvements. The basics are like the platform for your match play. The stronger, sturdier, your basics the better you will be able to build the more advanced stuff on top. If your basics aren’t stronger, come game time, you will break down very quickly and be left asking yourself why.

4. Get some feedback

Learning this stuff without outside external feedback is possible but far from ideal. It will also take you much longer. Tips on technique can help massively. But, without the right direction you’ll not get far and start to plateau at some point. That’s what being part of the TableTennisDaily Academy is all about, to give you that direction and technical help. You can reach the TableTennisDaily Academy coaches directly through Coach’s Corner with a TableTennisDaily Academy membership.

5. Film yourself

Filming yourself means you can look back and see how far you have come. It also means you can see visually where you are going wrong. Often something can feel right but when you watch yourself back it is not what you expected. Once you have filmed yourself, pop into the coach corner if you need any help with some analysis.

If you are just beginning, enjoy the journey. Stay consistent with your training and reap the rewards. Thanks for reading.

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