Working On Too Much at Once

If you could, you would train everyday just like the pros. But in reality that isn’t going to happen. Between family and work commitments time spent training is often reduced to just a couple of hours per week for many of us. This brings up the question, how can I best use the time that I do have in the training hall?


If you’re short on time you might think you need to cram in a little bit of everything into each training session. Start with some regular drills, move on to some irregular, follow it up with some serve and receive and finish with a match. This is a common template for a table tennis training session. On the surface it seems like a good idea but if you do this every session you will struggle to overcome your weaknesses or bad habits.

“The person who chases two rabbits catches neither”

Stop trying to work on everything at once and start putting the effort into improving one or two things at a time. If you work on too many things at once you spread your training time too thinly and dilute your potential improvements in all areas. Pick one thing and spend the time to make a difference in that one area.

If you really want to push on in your improvement you need repetition to make real change in your area of weakness. Highlight what is going to make the biggest difference to your game and go after it with time and effort to change it.

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