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Coach corner is your direct contact with Academy coaches Dan and Tom- You'll receive responses from the experts to help you improve your game. You can also send us videos of yourself to have your game analysed and get advice with specific shots or match situations!

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Answeredarmbreaker22 asked 6 years ago • 
2876 views1 answers0 votes
Answereddango asked 6 years ago • 
2495 views1 answers0 votes
OpenAllyot asked 6 years ago
1129 views0 answers0 votes
AnsweredAllyot asked 6 years ago • 
1438 views1 answers0 votes
AnsweredAllyot asked 6 years ago • 
3411 views1 answers-2 votes
AnsweredIngvar asked 6 years ago • 
1640 views1 answers0 votes
AnsweredPavelZ asked 6 years ago • 
1479 views1 answers1 votes
AnsweredNikolai asked 6 years ago • 
1505 views1 answers0 votes

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