How to disguise your serve with Par Gerell

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The most important part about any good serve is creating deception, even if you can produce high amounts of spin on your serves they still may not be effective if your opponent can easily read them. However, if the opponent is unsure of exactly what spin is on the ball or how much, this causes doubt in the mind and makes your serves much harder to return strongly. Par talks about how he creates uncertainty in the mind of the receiver and what is required to create deception with the spin on your serves. He also demonstrates the fine details that allow you to keep the service action the same but create different spin on the ball and the importance of the contact point and bat angle when using these serves. This video also uses super slow motion and virtual on-screen coaching to highlight this in greater detail.

In this video you will learn:

– Disguising the spin
– Creating doubt in the opponent’s mind
– Maintaining the service action
– Varying spin and placement on serves

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