Introduction to the Par Gerell Course

Welcome to the Par Gerell serving masterclass, here you’ll have have access to all the secrets, tips, advice and coaching on how to develop lethal serves from the man himself. During the course coaches Dan and Tom work alongside up Par Gerell, to bring you the knowledge and experience of the best server in the world. Par demonstrates and discusses how to learn and develop his serves that have been a massive part of his game and success over a long career. You’ll see serves broken down clearly with slow motion sections and detailed explanations of the coaching points and secrets that Par uses to create incredible spin and disguise.


– The unique service grip to serve like Par Gerell
– Mastering the action to the serve
– How to do the topspin serve with Par Gerell
– How to produce a heavy backspin serve with Par Gerell
– How to do the Kicker serve with Par Gerell
– How to make your serves deceptive with Par Gerell
– How to take advantage of a good serve/weak return
– Effective Serve training with Par Gerell
– 6 week serve programme with Par Gerell
– Overview

So, get started now and start your service masterclass with Par, Dan and Tom!

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